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What is Spring Framework for java?

Posted by Parth Barot on January 23, 2007

Spring is a Light weight Open Source Framework for java which uses POJO (Plain Old Java Objects).

It can be used for any kind of application,services etc.
Its better then EJB as it takes less resources.

So when you think that EJB is not properly utilized for your bussiness logic or its too heavy and you can do it with some other things then you can give a try to Spring.No need to use its classes. you can use any of you class in spring.

i am new to spring but using it since last 3 to 5 months. What i got through it is..

-Easy to configure through the xml file.
-Easy to use. You can use any class with spring. You just need to define it as a bean in the xml context of the spring.
-Main thing – IoC (Inversion Of control) means “To give the inputs”. We can load the class through the xml and can pass input params in constuctors or property setter methods.
-And the best thing is – database Transactions and SPs. we just need to make seperate class for SP and Spring will handle all the things related to opening,closing connections,handling synchronization etc. we just need to declare SP, its parameters and resultsets.And you are done!
-very simple to implment.Basically i have only used it for JDBC conections.I made Interfaces and then DAO class implements it accordingly.Then just define the DAO class in xml file as a bean. You can take it as a target element of ‘TransactionProxyFactoryBean’ provided by Spring framework.

i will write more on this when updated myself. đŸ™‚

btw, you can find more on it on google. just search spring and you will get lots of links.


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