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Suzuki Flix concept combines home theater and car – amzing…

Posted by Parth Barot on January 23, 2007

With an illegal seating configuration and that weird hump up top, we’re fairly confident this Suzuki Flix concept car that was recently shown at the Detroit Auto Show won’t be parked in your driveway anytime soon, but it’s fun to look at all the same. Just like its SXBox cousin, the Suzuki Flix crams excessive entertainment hardware into an almost-believable vehicle configuration, but we’re not positive the Flix quite pulls it off. That viewing angle through the pop-open roof looks crazy awkward, and the projector-housing hump kind of ruins the whole “theater in disguise” thing Suzuki has going on. Still, we’re not going to deny the movie geek cred here, and those chairs look pretty tight, no matter what the DOT might think.

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