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ASUS reveals Pegasus Pocket PC phone

Posted by Parth Barot on January 18, 2007

There’s not a whole lot of details to go on here, but it looks like the iF Design Awards got the first look at ASUS’s latest Pocket PC phone, with the Unwired View blog spotting these two pics of the candybar-style handset. Dubbed Pegasus (a throwback to the origin of the company’s name), the phone appears to be a slightly slimmed down revision to ASUS’s P525 smartphone, measuring in at a mere 0.6 inches thick while still packing built-in GPS and a camera of unspecified megapixels. Otherwise, about all that’s known about the device is that it’s Windows Mobile-based, has a full numeric keypad and jog dial, and supposedly has a brushed aluminum finish and diamond-cut edges, although it’s tough to discern that from the pics. For the rest of the specs, not to mention details on pricing or availability, it looks like we’ll just to wait for a more official announcement.

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