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A Small Introduction in Wireless Lan Penetration

Posted by Parth Barot on January 12, 2007

Wireless LANs (WLAN) are becoming increasingly popular. They’re extremely convenient for lap top users, and for home networks : no need for cables all over the place, just sniff the air waves and connect. Obviously, this poses kind of a risk : anyone with a WLAN enabled computer can look around, see what WLAN’s are there to be found, and come in to have a look. While IT professionals (hopefully) hopefully understand these risks, the average home user or DIY adept might just unpack his new toys, set them up, and leave the wireless network unprotected. Happens all the time. After all, buyers expect things to work “out of the box” – so vendors sell their stuff so that it will.

Used to be so that WLAN’s were secured through WEP – The Wireless Encryption Protocol. Without access to the right key, it would be impossible to decrypt the data flying around on the air waves. Unfortunately, WEP encryption proved quite weak, and can easily be broken. What follows is a 5 step intrusion guideline : it shows how easy it can be to get access to a wireless network. It is based on a commercial from a company that sells security …

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