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Asus Brings SideShow Support to its New Skype Phone

Posted by Parth Barot on January 10, 2007

The Skinny It may look like an ordinary phone, but see that USB dongle there? It connects to your PC/laptop and morphs this otherwise innocent Skype phone into a Micorosoft SideShow-enabled mobile.
Geared Toward Skype addicts who plan on owning a Vista powered PC/laptop and like the features presented by SideShow.
The Spin We’ve seen remotes that double as SideShow devices, but the AiGuru S2 is the only phone that’s capable of pulling off the SideShow trick. It’ll cost well below the $99 mark when it makes its debut (in both pink and black) alongside Microsoft’s Vista.
Counterspin The SideShow feature is cool, but unlike Linksys’ iPhone (CIT400), which comes with a base station and pre-loaded Skype, Asus’ AiGuru S2 is still dependent on your PC.
Buy It If… You plan on owning a Vista-based PC/laptop, have a Skype account, and want a phone that’ll allow you to do more than just talk. – Louis Ramirez



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