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Corsair Twin2X2048-8500C5 2GB PC2-8500 Memory Kit Review

Posted by Parth Barot on June 30, 2006

In the two years since DDR-2 memory was released, modules have rocketed from PC2-4200 speeds right through to PC2-8500! The industry has seen DDR-2 RAM more than double its initial operating frequency. For comparison’s sake, it took almost five years for SDRAM and DDR-RAM to double in speed from its introductory modules… PC-66 and PC-1600 respectively.

Up until recently the rapid succession of DDR-2 memory speed increases has been largely overshadowed by the AMD Athlon64 and low latency DDR-RAM. With the socket AM2 AMD Athlon64 processor now firmly relying upon DDR-2 RAM to fill its bandwidth needs, its rising star is assured.

Corsair has introduced a whole slew of memory in the last month; the releases spanned the gamut from low latency DDR2-800 parts to super high speed DIMM’s like the Twin2X2048-8500C5 that PCSTATS is evaluating now. Even though much of the memory has been targeted towards Socket AM2 users, these DDR-2 parts will work equally well with dual core Intel Pentium 4/D processors. The focus has certainly been on supplying appropriate memory for socket AM2 Athlon64 systems, but there is no reason why Intel users should feel left out of the party.

Corsair’s latest Twin2X2048-8500 memory is almost too hot to handle right out of the package…. just look at these specs – default timings are 5-5-5-15, each PC2-8500 module is 1024MB in size, and Corsair guarantees that its memory can run at a blistering 1066 MHz! Yikes! With a retail price of $510 CDN ($455 US, £246) for this 2GB PC2-8500 kit, the Corsair Twin2X2048-8500C5 memory is definitely built for the enthusiast crowd. That said, it’s also among the fastest DDR-2 on the market right now.

The two 1GB Corsair Twin2X2048-8500C5 DDR2 DIMMs are designed to run in a dual channel configuration. Corsair uses an overclocker’s trick to reach the 1066 MHz speed – it increases the default voltage of the memory from 1.8V to 2.2V. That’s quite a jump in power, so we’d recommend you ensure your case cooling is moving a good amount of air through the chassis or these modules may get a little hot.

According to Corsair, the Twin2X2048-8500C5 DIMMs are hand tested and packaged together immediately following testing to ensure compatibility. Corsair has not publicly stated which platform this memory is designed for, but based on our experience it should function just fine on both socket AM2 AMD and Intel DDR-2 platforms.

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