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Posted by Parth Barot on June 22, 2006


Every year for the past five, I have made an annual pilgrimmage of sorts over the Pacific Ocean to Taipei, Taiwan. For those of you that don’t know, the majority of the products we cover and write about are designed, manufacturered and supported by companies based in Taiwan. Computex is a large expo for these companies and more spread between four main halls and several satellite buildings held every June.

Wandering these halls we meet up with representatives from nearly every company you’ve heard of, and then some, to get the latest news on their upcoming products and anything else that happens to fall in our lap. So far, I have already extensively looked at the notebook market seen at Computex as well as the changes in cases, cooling and power supplies that are due up for this year and next. In this article, I’ll go over what was on display from the motherboard vendors and ask the question “is there anything worth getting excited about?”

Universal Abit

Abit has been struggling in recent years, mainly due to some financial issues that have cropped up. Abit was at Computex this year to tell everyone the troubles were behind them since the buyout and that the Abit name is alive and well, with some great products to back it up.

First on display is the AN9 32X motherboard for the AM2 platform sporting the nForce 590 SLI chipset. The board has an eSATA connection and seven other SATA connections for a lot of connectivity as well as Dolby Digial Live! certification (as does most of the new Abit line of boards).

The Abit AW9D motherboard uses the 975X chipset to support the upcoming Core 2 Duo processors and will be Abit’s high end motherboards for Intel’s new platform. It supports CrossFire with two x8 PCIe connections and 7.1 channel audio as well.

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