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DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) Radio Vs Analog Radio

Posted by Parth Barot on May 10, 2006

DAB Radio
🙂 In this radio, you can get more stations (a lot more, we can not count it actually).
😦 Quality of audio is not like CD as providers has reduced it.
😦 And also u can not catch it while on travell in speedy car/train etc. or in some country side area.
😦 Price is also more than analog one.

Analog Radio
😦 Not more stations.(limited to 10 to 20)
🙂 In FM,good quality you can get.(upto CD)
🙂 You can catch it in most of areas and also while travelling.
🙂 Price is no matter here!

So,If you want to listen outside your home and anywhere you go, you should take analog one.
And if are at home, then you can listen DAB radio plugged in your home and many more options!


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