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DAS Keyboard II Review

Posted by Parth Barot on May 3, 2006

We were all once, or still are, beginners with the keyboard or typewriter. Jokingly referred to as “hunt and peckers,” we earned each sentence we typed–two fingers at a time, frustration included. And what can be even more frustrating than hunting for letters on a keyboard when even the keys have no characters printed on them?

Like the original Das Keyboard, the Das Keyboard II has an all-black exterior and completely blank keys, but its key action uses gold-plated mechanical switches. Pressing these “clicky” keys will conjure flashbacks of the old IBM Model M keyboards that provided very responsive tactile feedback. The 104-key USB keyboard also has five different weight zones in which different keys require different amounts of pressure to press down. This means that keys that we strike with our pinkies will require less force to press down compared with keys that we would press down with our index or thumb fingers.

Though the blank black keys are the main selling point of the keyboard, it isn’t necessarily the only thing that makes the Das Keyboard an interesting input device. The build quality, tactile feedback, and sheer look and design are important considerations toward getting people to fork over some dough for this keyboard.

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