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Seagate Intros Monster HD

Posted by Parth Barot on April 27, 2006

Record-setting drive comes in at 750GB as company continues a shift to perpendicular recording.
Seagate on Wednesday announced the biggest desktop hard drive ever—a 750GB version of its Barracuda model, fulfilling a pledge to have most of its products use the industry’s new perpendicular recording technology by the end of the year.
The news is the latest in a string of product announcements made by the company in the past several months. Since January, Seagate has unveiled perpendicular upgrades to its 1-inch ST1 drives (12GB), 2.5-inch Momentus notebook drives (160GB), and the Cheetah line (300GB), designed for enterprise customers.
Perpendicular recording packs more information on disk drives by arranging bits of data vertically rather than horizontally. The innovation eventually could lead to a fivefold increase in the capacities of traditional drives.
“750 gigabytes, for us, is just scratching the surface,” said Seagate spokesperson Mike Hall. “We’re driving toward… 2.5 terabytes.”
High Performance

The current iteration of the Barracuda family, dubbed 7200.10, features 7,200-RPM drives in varying capacities. They will be targeted at PC users craving performance, whether for video editing, high-end gaming, or external storage.
The drives could also see use in digital video recorders and some enterprise storage applications. According to Mr. Hall, the company plans to announce an external version of the drive featuring a push-button backup feature next week.
The announcement has several high points, said iSuppli analyst Krishna Chander. In addition to the drive’s record-setting capacity, the move gives Seagate the honor of being the first hard drive manufacturer to introduce a desktop drive featuring perpendicular recording.
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