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Alcohol – How to make\burn images using alcohol?

Posted by Parth Barot on March 11, 2006

By:Parth Barot
Now a days, most of the people are using CD Burning softwares.But see many doesn’t have CD, what to do for making CDs of games and other softwares which can not be run without CD in the drive?

Simple!Make image file of the CD in your Hard Disk Drive.It means make a same data file as CD,Load the file in virtual CD/DVD software and fool the operating system and the software/game itself that you are using the original CD!

Which software to use?ok we have some choices here.
1.Slysoft’s Clone CD
2.Alcohol 120%

And many more available free/paid but these 3 are the most used for burning and etc.

1.Clone CD(.ccd) is good for bad CDs.make images in large sizes but you can use them.Supports most of image file formats.

2.Alcohol is the best one among these three.Because it suports all kind of image formats and also make images in Clone CD(.ccd) and Nero(.nrg) formats.It is fast and better as it scans the CD and tells you that can’t make image and can’t burn it!small size also. (I suggest this one as i am using it.)

3.Nero…The big one(New Nero 7 is about 100 MB setup size!Too big!)it has many other features but i think no need to use it if you only want to use for making images.

Here i am giving small tutorial for use of Alcohol

Making CD image—————————–
1.Install Alcohol 120% and let the PC restart if it wants it.Because it installs drivers for virtual CD drive.

2.Start Alcohol and click File–>Image Making Wizard.Wizard popups as shown below.
Alcohol Make image Wizard

3.As shown in image above,choose your source CD drive from which you want to make image file.(Shown with Red A)

4.Then from ‘DataType’ combo box select Data format.If data cd then select what ever you want.If very bad and scratched cd then select ‘video cd with bad sectors’ as shown in Red B.

5.For skipping reading errors and scanning the disc, use the checkboxes given.

6.Click on next and then choose the location on your HDD to save image.

7.In file formats, select MDS (alcohol’s own format)for best reduced size.If you think its a bad CD then you can select CCD(clone cd format) but it takes more size.

8.Then make the image by finishing the wizard.

9.Your image is in you drive.Load it in Alcohol’s virtual drive and use it as you are using CD.

same like this you cam burn CD images to CDs directly by selecting the image files.And copy dics to dics also.


2 Responses to “Alcohol – How to make\burn images using alcohol?”

  1. Gaynor said

    I have a game that’s around 790 mg to burn. It’s too big to fit on a cd. How can I compress it to fit? 😦

  2. hmm,
    it seems impossible..If you have exe file of 790 MB. Usually,CDs are of abt 703 to 710 MB. So its a big task..

    See, if its not an exe then you can try to compress it with ‘WinRar’ or ‘uHarc’. I think that winrar is best but many games are compresses with uharc when you got it from those illegel sites…

    so better you give try to compress it woth some software.. or write it on DVD.
    install it and then compress the installed folder on ur pc..mau be it will give you less sized file.As i have done this for 2 games…
    but, better is write it as it is.otherwise may be it won’t work.

    write youe comments what you got after this. ok?
    And tell me if you got something different and good.


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