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How to play video files in Winamp…

Posted by Parth Barot on March 3, 2006

By:Parth Barot
Now a days many players are there for playing video files but not any one is as good as winamp.
Winamp 5 has support for all kind of video files,but it requires more memory of your total memory of PC.So why not use older version for video?

Yes i am using Winamp 2.91 which is very older than winamp 5 and not taking more resources also.playin well all the files.ofcourse you need to install all codecs for that.This version is the first version of winamp which suuports video.We just need to change defalult file type extension for that.

1.Start Winamp 2.91.

2.Press Ctrl+P.

3.Then Click on “Options” in treeview as shown below.

4.As shown in the image,change the value for “Default
extension for unknown file types” to mpg,avi,wmv etc.Usually it is set to mp3 for audio files.


Now if you load .DAT file inwinamp then also it will play it.It will also play wmv,mpg,avi etc..For .RM you need to install real player alternative which is avaialble on Free-Codecs.

Winamp 2.91


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