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Posted by Parth Barot on March 2, 2006

SIGABA SECURE EMAIL Sigaba Secure Email is the premier enterprise secure messaging solution for business, financial institutions, governments, healthcare, and other organizations with a compelling need to protect confidential information. It is the first email solution to provide secure ad hoc business communication that is as simple as traditional, non-secure email. Sigaba Secure Email places the security decision at the enterprise hub, so the individual user is not responsible for making security decisions. And because Sigaba Secure Email is built on the SigabaNetâ„¢ architecture, it gives organizations access to a completely integrated solution with robust and flexible policy controls and filters. To learn more about SigabaNet, see Architecture. Sigaba Secure Email creates a protected channel for the exchange of information over email and wireless, within LANs and desktop-to-desktop. A variety of delivery options are available, based on policy and/or recipient profile: online push, off-line read, and online pull. Sigaba Secure Email also supports S/MIME capabilities for encryption and signing. For details, see Product Options.

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