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Simple things to remember when design a website…

Posted by Parth Barot on January 10, 2006

by Parth Barot

As i am not any master webdeveloper, i am not sure this helps yoy people or not.
But i think we should atleast keep these things in mind.
1.If database is needed, then always use small like .mdb in access,or use mysql.Don’t use SQL SERVER as it will create permission related issues on hosted servers.
2.Always starts with database design.Then do template design and css etc.
3.For connection (Database connections and drivers),header,footer and menus Use seperate files.And include those files as you need just have to include them in pages.Don’t need to write whole code.
4.Use php,asp,perl,python,jsp like simple languages.So you can code easily while designing.Use Frontpage like tool for it.I think PHP/ASP is best one.
5.Don’t use .net like heavy things as it is having activex controls and so it eats your memory.(My personal openion).
6.Use open source languages and tools if you can.
7.Design accordingly but don’t use high graphics and flash tools.Keep simple but must have strong features without bugs.(Like google we can say :)).
8.Don’t use session variables except for user login data and etc.As it eats memory and degrades speed of site.
9.Use cookies if possible so no need to login for users for some time.
10.Try to clear all memory, as it is needed in website :).
11.Keep maximum security in login and logout.
12.Use tables in design as it looks good and simple.

I think its enough…


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