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Posted by Parth Barot on January 9, 2006

The initial concern of Cryptography was to provide secrecy for written messages.

Today, cryptography is an active research area and is part of many applications where it mostly goes unnoticed. Examples include ignition lock-out systems for cars, mobile phone transmissions, SSL connections between web browser and web server, secure e-mail, and many other everyday applications.

Many children have tried to encrypt messages using simple methods. But most of them never gained any deeper appreciation of modern cryptography.

The open source project CrypTool, run since 1998 by Bernhard Esslinger, has been developing the freeware program CrypTool in order to spread this knowledge. CrypTool makes it fun and easy to learn about cryptography and cryptanalysis. It is used at universities and schools as well as in national and international companies and agencies for educational purposes.

The Windows program CrypTool is eLearning software with which you can apply and analyse cryptographic mechanisms. It contains exhaustive online help with tutorials/scenarios and a script with more detailed information e.g. about primes, hash functions and digital signatures.

More @ CrypTool

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