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VCD/DAT/MPG to DivX/Xvid

Posted by Parth Barot on January 3, 2006

by Parth Barot

These days Divx/Xvid format is very famous as compared to others.It is based on populor MP4 format.For converting, You must have following things.

1. Xvid/DivX Codec [Must use Xvid as it is free and better then divx.]
2. Virtual Dub [Because it suports .dat files+dvd also from vcd.]
3. FlaskMpeg [It is good tool.supports all except .dat]
4. Audio codecs [Mp3,ogg,AC3 etc. whatever you like, you can use.
But mp3 or ogg is better.For more see Doom9]


1.Then just copy your VCD to Your Disk Using VCDCutter or VCDGEAR.
2.Open Your File in VirtualDub(if using dat then must otherwise you can use Flaskmpeg.).
3.goto video—>click on ‘Full Processing Mode’.
4.goto Audio—>click on ‘Full Processing Mode’.
5.goto Audio—>’compression’.
6.Select audio stream type like mp3,ogg etc. and then select bitrate about 96kbps to 128 kbps for
movies.If you can use ‘Lame codec’, then you can use VBR(Variable bitrate mode) of encoding.
which is better in quality and less in size.
7.goto Video—>Filters, and add ‘resize’ filter from list.Resize the video if it not seems ok to you.
Resize it using calculator found on Doom9, which gives you perfect size dividable by 4.
8.Crop your video as you wish to cut black parts from it.
9.goto video—>compression, and select ‘Xvid’ codec.Then configure it.
10.Select 2-Pass Encoding fot Xvid.
11.First, select 2 pass 1st pass, and use settings.Load all defalut settings. ‘quality preset’, click on ‘more’ and select ‘6-ultra high’ and ‘3 medium search’. Check ‘chroma motion’.On ‘quantization’ tab,select ‘trellis quantization’ and type 2 for all frame’s ‘min quantization’. leave the max at 31. main,select profile level @L5.Click on quantization type ‘MPEG’.check all checkboxes except ‘interlaced encoding’. main, in encoding type select 2pass-1st pass. and click on more and check ‘discard first pass’.
15.Then add the job in job control.For that,at time of save, check ‘add this in job control’.
16.Then again goto video compression settings and in xvid settings, select ‘2pass-2nd pass’.
17.Type output size you want or type bitrate in kbps.For that calculate using calculator.
18.Add job in job control.
19.Then using job control,start jobs.It will take about 1 hour to complete 700 MB file.
20.Enjoy! Your File is ready.

In calculator, you can calculate it according to the audio bitrate, file length.You enter
details of file lenght,and size you want in output and audio file size or bitrate then it
will give you the target bitrate.Use it to use according the size you want.


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